Essences are a type of energetic medicine that facilitates healing on an energetic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Everything is energetic in nature. At a quantum level, matter is indistinguishable from energy and fluctuates between being an energetic wave and taking material form. Anything that happens on an energetic level influences the physical form, therefore a healing modality that initiates shifts on this energetic level also generates them on the physical one.

Essences help us to resolve the emotional challenges we all face. By helping us to resolve these, we more quickly learn the lessons that the challenges are trying to teach us. Our emotional growth and development is enhanced. They help us to be more whole, and being more whole is fundamentally the process of accepting more and more of who we are and acknowledging our connection to everything else that is. All is one. They help us go a little deeper and to bring more love and acceptance to all that we are.

How do Essences work?

Essences help us to become more whole within ourselves. If we have an emotion or an issue that is not being acknowledged and is being resisted, we are not whole and complete in relation to it. The energy required to continually push the issue away is considerable and increases over time. The more we resist, the more it pushes back, then more energy is needed to resist it. Essences resonate at the energetic frequency of the issue and ‘bridge the gap’ to allow communication with what we are resisting. They help to remove our resistance to the emotional and energetic flow of life. It is the resistance, the blocked flow of energy, that causes pain and sets up the conditions for disease to manifest. Much of what Acupuncture does is to remove blocked energy and re-establish proper energy flow in the body. Essences also do this, energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

How are the Essences made?

Essences are traditionally made by placing a single ingredient, for example flowers, gems, shells or some other substance, into a glass bowl of purified spring water. This is then placed outside into several hours of sunlight and/or moonlight. The process imparts the energetic and healing quality of the ingredient into the water. This produces what is called a Mother Tincture, which is mixed with brandy to act as a preservative; and is then diluted several times to produce a dose bottle.