About me

I’m a Sydney based Naturopath practicing herbalism, wholefood nutrition and flower essence therapy.

Illness is an indication that something is out of balance and symptoms are one of the ways our body communicates that something needs our attention. Causes of imbalance may be dietary, lifestyle, emotional, environmental or energetic in nature. Identifying what is most out of balance and taking steps to gently bring it back into balance will resolve many health complaints. I strongly encourage clients to listen to their own bodies’, emotions and heart. I find that most people are very capable of healing themselves and intuitively knowing what they need, but often need help in trusting and reconnecting with this inner knowing.

As a passionate Herbalist and lover of Nature, I believe that when we are most connected and in tune with our bodies and the environment we have the best chance of listening to them and benefitting from their inherent wisdom. This allows us to know for ourselves what is necessary and beneficial for our health and ultimate well-being. Everything is intimately connected and nothing operates in isolation; what happens in one sphere of life or one part of the body affects all the others. The more we recognise our interconnectedness, the greater will be our individual and collective wellbeing.

Healing is a journey rather than a destination. My belief is that it’s a process of becoming whole, of accepting all of ourselves and others with love and compassion. Ultimately it is Love that heals. This can be a lifetimes’ journey and take longer than expected, but is well worth it. The personal growth and discoveries along the way are truly remarkable!

My practice is located in North Sydney. If you would like to book a consultation time, please use the contact page.

Warmest regards, Lyle